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Services and Products


Mik Mart Ice Cream can accommodate a wide variety of event sizes, ranging from small parties to large events with thousands of people. Mik Mart Ice Cream provides many catering services including the following but not limited to:

  • Birthday Parties

  • Block Parties

  • Churches/Summer Stretch/Bible Camps

  • Company Picnics

  • Customer Appreciation Events

  • Daycare Dessert Days

  • Employee Appreciation Events

  • Graduation Parties

  • Parade Partnerships

  • Pool Parties

  • Private Parties

  • National Night Out Events

  • Neighboorhood BBQ's

  • Schools/Kids Club

  • Sporting Events/Tournaments

  • Summer Camps

  • Wedding Receptions

  • Year End Team Parties

Push Carts

Mik Mart Ice Cream now offers ice cream push carts for private parties and events. These carts can be used both indoors and outdoors. Push cart services are also available year round. Yes, even during the Winter! Book a push cart today!








Our most popular products can be found in our vending machines located in varying seasonal locations!

 If you would like to add a Mik Mart Ice Cream Vending Machine to your facility please call us at 651-356-4852 or e-mail us at mik@mikmarticecream.com



Mik Mart Ice Cream carries a varity of products at affordable prices.  All of our ice cream products are made by Blue Bunny Ice Cream and packaged individually for resale.  Our prices start at $1.00 and our highest priced premium products are $3.50. A pricing list is available upon request.  Products are listed below:

Big Dipper Drumsticks 
Caramel Champ  •  Chocolate Lovers   •  Cookies and Cream  •  Strawberry Burst  •  Vanilla Nutty 

Bomb Pops 
Banana Fudge  •  Jolly Rancher  •  Hawaiian Punch  •  Red, White and Blue  •  Warhead  •  Tongue Splashers  •  Watermelon  •  Jr. Warhead 

Cartoon Faces 
Batman  •  Bratz  •  Bugs Bunny  •  Ninja Turtle  •  Pink Panther  •  Powerpuff Girls  •  Minions  •  Sonic  •  Tweety Bird  • Madagascar 

Fruit Bars 
Coconut  •  Mango  •  Pineapple  •  Strawberry

Push Up/Cool Tube                 Lucas     
Orange  •  Rainbow                  Limon  •  Mango  •  Chamoy                          

On A Stick 
Fudge Bar  •  Heath Bar  •  Ice Cream Bar  •  Orange Dream Bar   

King Size On A Stick
Candy Center Crunch  •  Chocolate Éclair  •  Cookies and Cream  •  Strawberry Shortcake   

Premium Bars
Chocolate Raspberry  •  Hot Fudge Bar  •   Turtle Bar  •  Chocolate Cashew   •  Chocolate Almond

Birthday Party  •  King Size – Neapolitan  •  King Size - Vanilla  •  Chips Galore •  Cookies & Cream

Flavor Bars
Bubble Gum  •  Sour Cherry  •  Cotton Candy  •  Sour Power  •  Watermelon Whirl 

Snow Cones
Bubble Gum  •  Jolly Rancher Rainbow

Cherry Explosion  •  Double Lemon •  Cookies and Cream Screamer  •  Jolly Rancher Watermelon  • Malt Cup  •  Tear Jerker    • Looney Tunes •  Vanilla Cup

Two Ball Screw Ball
Blue Raspberry  •  Red Cherry